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Alpine Expeditions in Svalbard

Svalbard is a fantastic place for ski touring and expeditions in all levels. Despite its arctic location Svalbard is easy to reach but still one can enjoy total wilderness.
Our ski expeditions and tours in Svalbard are taking place in May and June when there is still snow. During our journeys we will be travelling through the incredible scenery with glaciers, pointed mountains, endless open landscapes with arctic wildlife.

Norwegian Coast

Are you longing to do the fantastic voyage along the Norwegian coast? This cruise we are usually doing spring or autumn on our way up or down from Svalbard.
In the stillness of the fabulous fjords there is suddenly time for contemplation. We stop by small Picturesque fishing villages, studying the exuberant birdlife and get the opportunity to do some fishing, all while we enjoy the magnificent snow- capped mountains and the beautiful wilderness.

The land of the cold coasts – Svalbard

Midway between Norway and the North Pole the Svalbard Islands is located. With its pristine wilderness this Arctic area, is one of the world’s most exotic and exciting destinations. To travel in the Polar Regions is a magical experience. A unique opportunity for close encounters with the Arctic Oceans wild inhabitants in their own environment.

Explore the Kingdom of the Polar Bear

Shimmering pieces of blue glacier- ice under the soft glow of the midnight sun. We hope to see seals, walruses and birds among the ice floes, and if we are lucky, perhaps a polar bear mum with cubs that slowly paw over the pack ice.
This is a world that scientists believe, now is seriously threatened by global warming. Svalbard leaves no one indifferent. That is why M/S Origo and M/S Malmö keep doing polar expeditions here every summer.

Scotland, the Hebrides and the Caledonian Canal

Experience the isolated islands of the Inner and Outer Hebrides, places like the fabulous island of lona, the exciting “Fingals Cave” on the island of Staffa, the remote St. Kilda and other beautiful places that only very few visitors reach.

M/S Origo and M/S Malmö has just the right size to get through the pleasant Caledonian Canal with its 29 locks.
You will find some of Scotland’s finest golf courses along the 100 km long canal. Whisky lovers can get a taste of the Scottish national drink, when we visit some of the smaller distilleries.
Here one feels the tide of history among fairy-tale castles and ancient forts.

Professional Photo Expeditions & Workshops

For professional photographers who want to arrange a real photo expedition or workshop M/S Origo is the perfect tool. The group has exclusively the whole ship at their disposal and can arrange the journey as they please.
In Svalbard we can offer single cabin to all 12 participants on MS Origo, which make life easier for those with a lot of photo equipment. MS Malmö have 6 twin cabins available.
All cabins are outside cabins with portholes that can be opened; this sometimes gives good photo opportunities. Two zodiacs (inflatable boats) are also available.

Education & Research Expeditions

As a “Special Purpose Ship” M/S Origo is certified to sail with 24 expedition personnel. This applies to research groups, scientific expeditions or Institutions involved in field work and training.

Whale Watching – Photography – Snorkeling

Lofoten in the North of Norway is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. This trip is interesting for anyone interested in Orcas, Humpback whales, white tailed Eagles, Northern lights, Moose and a spectacular winter landscape. The best time of the year for this phenomena is November and January through the end of February.

Create your own adventure

Custom designed trips, is a very nice way to share and celebrate special occasions with family and friends.
An unforgettable birthday, anniversary, or can you imagine a more exotic honeymoon. Ideal for groups with special interests, VIP meetings or for the company´s kick off.
Whether your trip is one or more days, all you need to do is to contact us and charter Origo, choose a destination and collect your travel companions. We organize and you can seize the day.

School ship MS Origo

MS Origo has a history as a school ship. During winter, MS Origo are chartered by the Maritime School in Gothenburg as a training ship. We also work with the Maritime Safety School of Öckerö and the department of Shipping and Marine Technology at Chalmers University. But there is space for more schools.
We care for our young sailors and want them to get the ship-experience they need on a real ship.

To travel at sea is always dependent on weather and ice situation