Soon time for Whale Expeditions in Northern Norway with MS Malmö.

After the Svalbard Season MS Malmö and MS Freya are sailing North bound again in October. 2019 we start and finish our trips in Tromsö.

For those who has been following us on Facebook and wish to experience these wonders of nature, snorkel with Orcas and Humpbacks and perhaps finish the day with Northern Lights on board our expedition ships MS Malmö and MS Freya. The dates for our Whale safaris in  November/December 2019, and January/February 2020 is now available on Waterproofs home page,

Check available dates on Waterproof Expeditions Home page (Click on the picture below)

Many thanks to all the talented photographers who shared their photos with us Peter & Cecilia Burman, Erik Malm, Norbert Rosing, Oscar Westman, Karin Larsson, Dennis Granqvist, Jens Wikström, Dan Wilske, Per Björkman, Per Nyqvist, Johannes Malmlund, etc.